Sound Machines

Newborns thrive on familiar sounds, not silence finding comfort in womb-like noise for better sleep.

Sleep Trainers

Our sleep trainers provide easy cues for when it's okay to rise and when it's best to remain in bed.

Why We Love ZAZU

Sleep deprivation is one of the hardest parts of parenthood. ZAZU range of clever and colourful products can’t solve it all, but they do have some products you literally will not want to leave home without.

We have classified their range into Sleep Soothers/ Projectors/ Nightlights & toys. Choose from in-home or transportable options.

All ZAZU plush is machine washable. Your kids will love the playful characters, and you will love the gender-neutral colours. Over time,

ZAZU is moving to renewable materials, and from 2023 on, all their packaging will be made from recycled cards.

Not tired yet?

Sometimes your little one isn't ready to fall asleep just yet. The projectors from ZAZU will keep your baby entertained with low light and soft music until they drift off.

White Noise

Newborns sleep better with noise, when they're in the womb all they hear is your heartbeat so a white noise machine can help them drift to sleep.