Zazu | Sleep Trainer - Pam

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  • Pam the penguin is a sleeptrainer, nightlight and wireless speaker in one. It helps children to understand when to stay in bed and when it is OK to get up. When you enable the sleeptrainer mode Pam turns red on your predetermined bedtime. The penguin turns orange when it is half an hour until your preferred wake-up time and turns green when it is OK to wake up! You could also select a nightlight only mode; choose between the colours blue, red, pink, turquoise or multi-colour. The light could stay on the entire night or opt for the 60-minute auto shut-off function. Finally, Pam is also a wireless speaker so you could play your own favourite songs or bedtime stories! Pam comes with a charger base and USB cable. 

    1. Sleeptrainer with traffic light system
    2. LED Nightlight
    3. Adjustable brightness
    4. Wireless speaker
    5. Made of PVC and ABS
    6. Operates on AC/DC (USB cable included) and batteries (4 x AA, not included)

  • Pam is a sleeptrainer, nightlight and wireless speaker in one!⁣ Pam’s nightlight can stay lit the entire night or switch off automatically after 1 hour.
    ⁣Sleeptrainer mode:⁣⁣⁣
    Red is time to sleep 
    Orange means wait for 30 minutes 
    Green is ready to get up 

    Connect your smartphone to Pam through Bluetooth and play music or fairy tales to your liking

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