Summer Essentials

Jul 26, 2022
As much as we all love the warmer weather and the summer holidays, these are the exact things that can make summer with your little one that little bit more challenging.

Here at Clever Clogs, we've compiled a list of items that we think are essential to help you and your little one through the season.

UPPAbaby - Travel Bags


Firstly, if you're travelling around the country or across the water, our UPPAbaby travel bags are a must have for all of your UPPAbaby equipment. Not only are they the most compact way to store your equipment, but by registering them both online, you are insured for any airline damage caused to your equipment! 

From now until the end of August, the travel bags are 20% off, so get one now to avoid the headache of damaged equipment.

Bebe Au Lait - Muslin Bedtime Sleeper

The hot weather we have had recently has made it more difficult to fall asleep at night. These 1 tog Bebe Au Lait Muslin Sleepers are perfect for keeping your baby cool and comfortable even in the hot weather. These sleepers are available in a variety of adorable patterns.

And the best part, these sleepers are currently two-for-one, so get them while stocks last!

BBLuv - Moskitö: Electric Anti-Mosquito Lamp

Are the midgies eating you alive or are there little fruit flys hovering around the house? Look no further than the BBLuv Moskitö lamp! It attracts any unwanted flys or bugs into the lamp, and stores them in a chamber in the bottom of the lamp, making it easy and hygenic to dispose of them or use them in compost.


BBLuv - Püre: 3-in-1 HEPA Air Purifier

This air purifier by BBLuv provides healthier air quality and a comfortable environment for the whole family. Our advanced air purifier uses certified HEPA+ filters with activated carbon and ionising technology that removes up to 99.7% of allergens and pollutants. The use of a HEPA+ filter  is particularly recommended for people with allergies or breathing problem. It removes up to 99.7% of molds, mites, bacteria, allergens, pollen, viruses, smoke and odors, including the main asthma triggers, and is ultra quiet, so it causes minimal disruption in your home.


Zazu - Suzy: Portable Soother

Suzy the portable baby soother is a sound module with 6 different pre-set relaxing sounds such as mimicking a mum's heartbeat, white noise, lounge music, ocean sounds, lullabies and shushing. Shushing is a doctor proven technique to stop babies from crying. This soother is perfect for when you are travelling, as it is small and is battery powered, so it can be taken anywhere with you. 


Make sure you and your family are ready to tackle the rest of the summer with all of our essentials and more, that are available here on the Clever Clogs website.