Mum To Be

Carriwell Flexibelt Waist Expander: Make jeans and skirts maternity-ready.

New Mum

Seamless & comfy support for nursing and sleep, no-back-clasp convenience

Back to You

Stylish nursing top with shapewear for discreet feeding, perfect for layering in winter.

Why We Love Carriwell

Pregnancy and maternity wear are not the most sexy subjects, right? Well, post-Brexit, we also realised it was really challenging for Irish Mums to find good-quality, comfortable, and economical underwear to take them through pregnancy and beyond.

We introduced Carriwell to Irish stores in 2019, and we are delighted to say the reaction has been great.

Loved by midwives, lactation consultants, and practitioners nationwide, Carriwell’s "Carri-Gel" underwire alternative is super comfy and supportive.

Comfortable Support for Sensitive Breasts

Our bra's with Carri-Gel inside are as a whole designed to support your growing needs in many ways - leaving you feeling both comfortable and good looking throughout your pregnancy.

Bump Support

The Carriwell Adjustable Support Belt is an extremely comfortable and easy-to-adjust support belt, which provides support and immediate relief for pregnancy-induced backache.