Clever Clogs is the official distributor of bblüv Ireland.

Sönik Toothbrush

Enjoy teaching your child to brush with Sönik, the gentle ultrasonic toothbrush!

Discover the Rinö

Gently removes excess mucus from a baby's runny nose without irritation.

Why We Love BBlüv

BBlüv is a French-Canadian company that has some of the most ingenious products. When I brought my first baby home, I fretted for weeks about cutting his nails. Enter the bblüv "Trimo"; problem solved. Worried about weight gain and weeks until your next clinic visit? Try the "Kilo" to accurately track your baby’s weight.

Their UV steriliser is a lifesaver for dropped pacifiers, and their compact Hepa+ air purifier is great for allergy and hay fever sufferers.

There is lots more to come from this innovative brand, so stay tuned!

BBlüv | Kilö - Digital Baby Scale

Track your baby's weight with ease from home using Kilö. It's user-friendly, precise, and reliable, offering peace of mind as you monitor your baby's growth, especially during exclusive breastfeeding.

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Wondering how to keep your baby snug and allergy-free this season?

Try the Püre Air Purifier from BBlüv for a cosy, clean nursery.