Perfect Gifts for a New Mom: Starter Kit

Mar 22, 2022

Being a new mom is exciting! It's a beautiful period in life when a woman's body goes through enormous change with the additional challenge of learning how to care for a newborn. 

For the new mom in your life, your partner, sister or friend, try to focus on what you can do to put a smile on their face. With that in mind and Mother’s Day coming up, we at Clever Clogs have compiled a list of lovely gifts for a new mom that are not only functional but also thoughtful.

1. Nursing Covers - For breastfeeding moms


For new moms that choose to breastfeed, it can take time and practice to get the hang of it. And without the right physical support, breastfeeding multiple times a day and night can lead to shoulder and back pain. Nursing pillows can be great practical gifts for a new mom to create a supportive, comfortable, and easier breastfeeding setup.

For new moms who are breastfeeding for the first time in public it can be an uneasy experience. The Bebe Au Lait Nursing Covers are great to help moms feel more comfortable while breastfeeding in public.

2. Stroller Accessories - For moms on the go


A new mom always has her hands full. Gifting stroller accessories can allow her to be hands-free & have easy access to all the necessities and the little one.

These 2 products from UPPAbaby are essential for mums on the go:

Parent Organiser - The UPPAbaby deluxe parent console has multiple, easy-access compartments for various beverages or snacks, while a large zipper pocket can store personal items.

Cup Holder -  This ideal on-the-go cup holder fits onto your stroller and holds various size beverages including the much needed energy boosts on your strolls.

3. Maternity Clothing - From pregnancy to birth


We are huge fans of the maternity & nursing range from Carriwell.

Their maternity leggings are loved by expecting and post-partum moms as they are supportive, comfortable and not too tight while also being an everyday essential.

Carriwell also offers a selection of maternity & nursing bras in a diverse range of sizes, making the journey a lot more comfortable for the mum.

4. Sleep Aids - For better sleep


Zazu has a range of nightlights, white noise sensors, projectors, soothers and more that help calm babies back to sleep. While this is technically a gift for the baby, mums are grateful for the sleep aids as they provide better sleep for the parents too!

What better gift for a new parent, than something that might get them an extra hour of sleep?!

5. Baby Wrap - Wear your baby

A Wrap can be convenient for a mom who is busy and constantly on the go. For a new mom, babywearing can allow her to keep the baby close while being hands-free. Baby wraps are not only great for mums, but also give a chance to secondary caregivers to bond with the little one and support the physical development of the baby.

The stretchy baby wraps from Gaia Baby are not only beautiful, but also made from sustainable fabrics providing you comfort and ease.