Sleep Tips for Daylight Savings

Oct 19, 2020

With the clocks going back an hour this weekend, we're sharing our top tips for parents and babies to get through the next couple of weeks without sacrificing sleep schedules or losing out on too much precious sleep!

For Babies:

- Whether you plan on adjusting your baby's sleep or just going with the flow this weekend, it's worthwhile making sure they are taking their regular naps this week and are well rested by the time the weekend rolls around.

- Some babies fly through this and need little to no adjustments. If this is you (you lucky thing!) then simply get up at your normal time on the Monday. This means that your baby will be staying awake for an extra hour basically. Their internal clock will adjust to this after a few days. Or try splitting the difference with a half hour at either end.

- It's going to be brighter in the mornings again. If you have blackout blinds or curtains, now is the time to use them!

- Try making some small, incremental changes throughout the week. 15 minutes every other day, building up to the hour.

- If your child is toddler age, try a Sleep Trainer Clock (Like Sam The Lamb) who will give them the confidence and responsibility fo managing their own wake up times.

For Parents:

- The clocks go back on Sunday night, so try to stay up at least 45 minutes later than usual the night before - Saturday night.

- If you can, try to build up to 45 minutes by adding 15 mins every other day throughout the week.

- Avoid the afternoon caffeine hit this week, so you can fall asleep a little earlier.

- Lean into it. If 7am is your normal wake up time, you should still set your alarm for 7am (new time) on the Monday. 


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Max The Monkey

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Sam The Lamb - Sleep Training Clock

Sam The Lamb

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