Hospital Bag Checklist

Jun 3, 2022

Labour Hospital Bag Checklist

Preparing for your baby's arrival is such an exciting time, especially those last few weeks of nesting. There's a lot going on in the lead up, so you should use this time to plan and pack your hospital bag too. We recommend packing it at least 4 weeks before your due date - just in case. We've put together our tried and tested checklist of must-haves for your hospital bag, from phone chargers to snacks, we've got you covered. And don't panic if you forget something, you can ask a family member to drop it in.

Download our checklist below to help you stay on track. 

For Mum:

There are the necessities like cosy pyjamas, dressing gown and slippers, but we're here to take as much stress out of your hands as possible. We've included all those extra bits you might not think of. Here's some of our favourites and the reasons why they're our favourites!

Fluffy socks - Your feet can get cold during labour. 
Silk breast pads - The Carriwell silk breast pads are cooling, soft and so very soothing for sore nipples. Shop breast pads
Extra long phone charger & earphones - For handsfree phone calls and entertainment.
Hospital underwear - The Carriwell hospital underwear comes in washable and disposable varieties, both made with seamless technology for pure comfort and with soft non-restrictive yet supportive hold, designed to keep maternity pads in place. Shop underwear
Maternity Bra - A comfortable bra makes all the difference and these are nursing friendly if you're breastfeeding. Shop bras
Pillow - You might want to bring your own nursing or sleeping pillow for extra comfort.
Dark coloured towels - bring a fresh towel for every day you'll be in the hospital. Avoid staining by choosing dark colours.
Flip Flops & Slippers - Flip flops for the shower and slippers for your bedside.
Pen & Paper - You might need to record your baby's feeds.
Dirty laundry pouch - So you can pop anything used or dirty into to keep it separate.

For Baby:

You can always ask your partner to bring in any extras you forget when they come to collect you. The can bring the car seat in then too.

Cellular blanket - This is what's recommended for the hospital. Cellular blankets are knitted to keep you baby warm while allowing maximum airflow and breathability. Pack 2 of you can! Shop Cellular Blankets
Newborn hat - It's a whole new world outside the womb and it's important to keep baby's head warm in those first few days and weeks. 
Stretchy wrap - the perfect way to do skin to skin bonding with your baby. Shop Stretchy Wraps
Hooded towel - This will be your absolute go-to for bath time from now on! Shop Hooded Towels
Muslins - Perfect for swaddling, feeding or just a light blanket, some good quality muslin blankets are a must-have for new parents. Shop Muslins

Download the full hospital checklist here