5 Ways to Announce your Pregnancy to your Partner

Want to break THE wonderful news to your partner? We list 5 of our favorite ideas to reveal your pregnancy to family and friends.

Something's brewing:

Make your partner a fresh cup of coffee / tea and let the mug do all the talking! Choose from multiple options like 'Promoted to Aunty/Uncle', 'Dad/Mum to Be', 'We're Pregnant' and more.

For those with fur babies:

Grab a cute outfit for your pet that says 'Big Sister' or 'Big Brother' and wait for your partner to notice it.

Say it with Milestone discs:

To commemorate the start of a very important journey in your life, create a memory of your announcement. Use these Milestone discs to capture all the landmarks in your baby's life and announce it to your loved ones.


Baby on Board:

Stick a 'Baby on Board' sign on the car to really seal the deal.

Brace Yourself:

Gift wrap a book that will prepare your partner to go through the pregnancy as smoothly as possible and present it at the dinner table.

How did you break the news to your partner?