Zazu | Ocean Projector - Cody

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  • Cody the crab turns your little one's bedroom into a magical underwater world. Cody projects swimming fish and moving waves on your ceiling while playing relaxing melodies such as ocean sounds, mimicking a mum's heartbeat and lullabies.

    It's 3-step sleep program could help your little one with dozing off in 30 minutes. Step 1 (0 - 10 minutes) Orange swimming fish, moving waves and soothing ocean sounds.
    Step 2 (10 - 20 minutes) Lower brightness, moving waves but no more orange fishes and only underwater bubble sound.
    Step 3 (20 - 30 minutes) Static waves, no fish at all, no sound. After 30 minutes the sleep program automatically switches off.

    Cody's cry sensor enables step 2 of the sleep program. You can remove the plush from projector, the latter is powered by 3x AA batteries (not included).

    1. Turn your little one’s room into a magical underwater world, with moving waves and fish swimming around the room, while listening to relaxing ocean sounds. Helps your little one to fall asleep by lowering the animation in 3 steps
    2. The projector will automatically shut off after 30 minutes
    3. Plays soothing melodies while falling asleep: ocean, heartbeat or lullabies
    4. Operates according to 3 step sleep program
    5. Tested to international regulations
    6. Operated by 3 AA batteries (not included)
    7. Take a look at the video below to find out how CODY functions!

  • Proper Use:
    Take the module out of the plush crab and place 3x AA batteries (not included). Put the module back into the plush crab. Open the Velcro, on the bottom, to operate the buttons.
    Switch on the product by pressing Button A, choose your favourite melody with Slider B, set the preferred volume with Slider C, switch the cry sensor on/off with Slider D. The product only works with 3 X AA 1.5 V batteries.
    1. Cody the crab is meant for babies from birth
    2. Product weight: 0.43 kg
    3. Dimensions - L: 26cm W: 23cm H: 9cm
    4. For the best projection, locate the product within 1 to 2.5 meters from the walls and ceiling. When batteries lose their power, the projection decreases, and the product might lose some of the features
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