Gaia Baby

'New Mum' Candle
Lavender & Jasmine


  • Unwind and relax at home with Gaia Baby Aromatics. Our natural handcrafted candles are made in Ireland by Candella artisan candle producers. Made with pure soy wax, this candle is infused with a floral, aquatic fragrance. Clear your mind, with this fresh aquatic scent infused with white jasmine and a hint of lavender to stimulate your senses. 

    Scent Notes: Soothing and relaxing fragrance with top notes of fresh floral scents of lavender with an underlying sweet whiff of jasmine and a hint of lemon. 

    Ingredients: Soy Wax & Essential Oils from Lavender, Jasmine and Lemon.

    1. Soothing & Relaxing 'Lavender & Jasmine' - Take the edge off a busy day and indulge in a relaxing fragrance for mind and body. This scent will make you feel like you've been whisked away to a spa. The perfect indulgent treat for mum or dad
    2. Natural, hypoallergenic hand-poured candle. Free from any artificial perfumes or fragrance
    3. Carefully selected, premium quality fragrances blended by hand with natural soy wax
    4. Vegan, natural and biodegradable candle made with 100% pure organic soy wax
    5. Free from petroleum, paraffin or beeswax products
    6. Designed to soothe your senses and help you unwind and relax
    7. Cruelty free. None of our ingredients are tested on animals

  • Burn time: 50 hrs approx
    Instructions: When you first light your Gaia Baby Aromatics Candle, let a full pool form allowing the melted wax reach the glass to avoid tunnelling. Keep the wick trimmed to 1cm when lighting. Burn candle for no longer than 3 - 4 hours at a time. Keep a burning candle away from children, pets, and draughts.

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