Founder Story

Clever Clogs was born out of one mother's love for creativity and innovation. Having lived in the UK, Asia and mainland Europe with 3 young children, Dublin native, Joanne, moved home to Ireland just before her fourth baby arrived.

Raising children overseas really opened her eyes to a huge variety of brands and parenting practices that didn’t exist in Ireland at the time. In the mid-90s Australian friends were using reusable nappies; Asian friends all used baby carriers; Dutch baby products had to be space saving and the Kiwis has some great engineering ideas. Joanne was particularly drawn to baby products that has multiple uses, both for practical reasons but also to avoid your life becoming completely cluttered with child paraphernalia. She wanted products that satisfied her pragmatic approach to parenting.

"My base criteria has always been: Will I really use it and am I happy to have it in my living room?"

Having come across lots of cool brands on her travels that couldn't be purchased in Ireland at the time, she decided to set up a distribution business to make sure those brands would be easily accessible to Irish & UK consumers. 15 years later, and with a team of 9 based in Dublin and Galway, Clever Clogs still thrives on seeking out creative and innovative products from around the world.