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Babywearing Tips for New Dads

Babywearing Tips for New Dads

For all the new dads or to-be-fathers, trust us when we say that you have to experience the beauty of babywearing. Mums feel every movement and flitter from within and have a very special bond with the baby. Dads have wonderful opportunities to connect with their child after birth and babywearing is one of those.

Here are some tips to get you started:

Choose your preferred equipment for babywearing

There are multiple options available in the market to choose from. Wraps, carriers, ring slings, buckled carriers are some popular options. Ensure that the equipment fits you well and provides utmost comfort to you and your baby. Click here to find out more about factors to consider while selecting a wrap, carrier or sling for babywearing.

Make sure it fits well

It is very important that the wrap or carrier you select fits your body. An adjustable carrier or wrap is best so that it can be used by you and your partner. Trying on multiple option before making a purchase will give you an idea of of what suits you best and what you're most comfortable in. Make sure you read instructions of how to tie a wrap or carrier carefully so you're not intimidated by the length of number of buckles.

Practice makes perfect

Once you have selected your preferred wrap or carrier, get familiarized with its functionality. Practice putting it on, adjust it to your comfort and liking. Read the instructions over regularly to ensure you're not missing a step. There are multiple tutorial videos on YouTube available for you to learn and get it right.

Hands free mobility

Babywearing gives you the freedom to multi-task in those times when all your baby wants is you. Help out your partner, finish those daily tasks, complete your chores all while bonding with your baby. 

Happy babywearing to all the dads out there. Enjoy indoor and outdoor adventures and always remember to be safe and comfortable.

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