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Babywearing in Summer

Babywearing in Summer

We spoke with Angela Brown, Babywearing Consultant, of
West Cork Babywearing about what you should consider when babywearing in warm weather.

Often babywearing in warmer weather can seem challenging. Lots of caregivers worry about overheating or even under-heating while carrying their little ones. Many may be concerned with comfort levels, sweating and stickiness. But remember babies are worn all over the world in much warmer climates than Ireland so it is possible with some extra knowledge! 

The type of carrier:

If you are using a wrap, choose one with a lighter, thinner fabric. Wraps made of 100% cotton are more absorbent, cooler and very easily washed. A stretchy wrap like the MOBY Evolution Wrap is made using a cotton blend and is designed to be supportive, light, and comfortable.

Choosing a carry position that offers less body contact can also help you and your baby feel cooler. Ring slings like the Moby Ring Sling are a good choice here.

A back carry position is generally less warm than front carrying, so if your baby is over 6 months this is a great option. Using a Soft Structured Carrier (buckle carrier) is ideal for this and many are available in a lighter fabric or mesh, specifically for warmer weather.  I love the new Moby Move as it’s adaptable from birth to toddlerhood, and the breathable mesh fabric is specifically designed to keep you both cool.

What to Wear:

Your baby sling is considered one layer of clothes.  Natural, light, and breathable fabrics are most suitable, e.g. cotton t-shirt/leggings for you and your baby will keep you both cool.  Sometimes all your baby needs is a nappy but do ensure that skin is covered from the sun.  

Hot Tip: Muslin cloths are very useful to place between you and your baby to absorb sweat. They can be kept in a cool place and changed regularly.  A hat is a must for your baby and it's worth considering wearing a wide brimmed hat yourself to give you both even more shade. 

Stay Hydrated:

We all need more water when it’s warm, so feeding your baby more regularly will ensure they stay hydrated.  Breastfeeding in a baby carrier can be really convenient and even though it can take some practice it is well worth trying. You can contact your local Sling Meet, Babywearing Consultant, or the in-house MOBY Expert on Instagram at @askamobywrapexpert for help and tips.

Things to Avoid:

Remember that we all feel the heat differently and some babies overheat quicker than others. Having your baby in a sling means that you can be aware of them at all times. Try to avoid being out at the hottest part of the day and stay in the shade as much as possible. Carrying an umbrella can also provide a source of shade when there is none. Avoid storing your sling in a hot place such as your car as it’s already warm when you put it on, it’s much better to store it in a cool place when not in use.

Babywearing in the heat can be enjoyable and convenient. If you just remember these few tips, there’s no reason not to wear your baby this Summer. Enjoy!

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