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5 things to consider while choosing a wrap or sling for your baby

5 things to consider while choosing a wrap or sling for your baby

As a certified babywearing consultant and a long-time volunteer for sling meets, one of the most common questions Alice Chau gets is this - which sling should I use? 

The answer to that question is determined by multiple factors, your lifestyle, usage, duration, and personal preference. 

To give you a better idea on what might be right for you, we spoke to Alice on 5 things to consider while choosing a wrap or sling that might help you in your babywearing journey. 


  1. Where do you live - Do you live in hot weather or cold weather? If you live in rainy place, then you might not want to use a sling or a wrap with long tails. Or at least, you need to prepare yourself to put on the sling indoor before braving the rain and wet floor. This way, you’re not juggling multiple things simultaneously and can be well prepared before leaving the house.

  2. How do you travel - If you are someone who lives in the inner city area, frequently uses the public transport and walks a lot, it’s really important to have a wrap or a carrier that will give you the ultimate support and comfort on the go. In that case a woven wrap or a soft structured carrier might be a good choice for you as they are the most supportive for long walks and can give you the stability and sense of security you need while travelling.

  3. Where do you intend to use your sling - If you are only babywearing at home so you get your hands free to do housework, then maybe a Mei Tai is great for you. It is very supportive, compatible to use for both parents, and you don’t have to worry about long tails. An added advantage to that is that it won’t be too warm for indoor usage.

  4. The size of your child - If you have a newborn and a toddler, you need something that would be well-suited for both the age groups. A Ring Sling would be a good option to not only keep your newborn close to you, but also for a toddler going up and down every 5 minutes.

  5. Who is using the sling – Are you the parent who prefers the sling tying knots or buckled carriers? Do you have a long torso or short torso? You have to find a fit that’s best suited for your comfort and needs. Personal preference is extremely important as babywearing is a mutual experience. Both the baby and the adult using the sling, need to be happy and comfortable. 

If you need more information of different types of slings, wraps and carriers, you can contact your local Sling Meet, Babywearing Consultant, or the in-house MOBY Expert on Instagram at @askamobywrapexpert for help and tips. 

With the right information, you can wear your baby anytime! 


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